CODE Phuket

CODE Phuket

On March 31, 2017 at Novotel Phuket. Sparkbit together with Prince of Songkla University attended the Moving Forward To Phuket Smart City seminar to showcase their latest collaboration in IoT technology. The event is attended by ACM Prajin Juntong, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DE). In this event, Sparkbit presented the Smart Environment, environment monitoring system and Smart Street Light, connected street lighting system.

CODE Phuket

The smart environment solution is a environmental monitoring system to be use within Phuket Smart City project. It currently installed at pilot sites throughout the island. The system is capable of tracking temperature, humidity, rainfall, water level, air quality, and water quality readings from multiple location simultaneously.

CODE Phuket

The data is then processed and display through environment dashboard which help aid Phuket’s environment personal in making informed decision in case of environment crisis.

Digital Thailand 2016


On May 26-28, 2016. Developer from the Center of Excellence for Wireless Sensor Network, Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla University together with Sparkbit Co., Ltd presented their co-development on Building Energy Management system at Digital Thailand 2016.

The system is also developed with technological cooperation from network solution provider Cisco. The system presented is capable of controlling not only computers but also appliances in the building. It supported smart scheduling, access control policy and report generation functions.

Sparkbit provided the solution with ZigBee gateway in which enabling the cisco system to communicate with appliance load controller. The demonstration received a positive reaction from attendees and we hope to continues our relationship with academic institute and also commercial partner.

Software Expo Asia 2016


As for our annual exhibition, we once again attended the Software Expo Asia 2016.

We presented our core product such as wireless agricultural sensor and power monitoring system. Moreover, we demonstrated faster operation and refreshed GUI of our wireless sensor system.

Also available at our booth is the new flood monitoring system which are already deployed in Southern Thailand.

Asia IoT & M2M Business Platform


Sparkbit had partnered with CAT Telecom of Thailand for collaboration on IoT.

We present our development effort at Asia IoT & M2M Business Platform exhibition.

At our booth, visitor will be greet with Home Automation solution which powered by our Ubinxt platform together with cloud infrastructure solution by CAT.

The system will be further develop to increase its capability.

Amazing September

Sparkbit are going places this month, and we would like you to join us at these following events,

18-20 September 2012 – NECTEC-ACE at Swissotel Le Concorde Bangkok

26 September 2012 – TICTA Thailand ICT Award at Swissotel Le Concorde Bangkok

There will be product demonstration at both events, and we promise it’s will be Exciting!

The More, The Merrier!